Turnaround Capital &
Management Experts

Solving problems for companies needing capital and support.

Do you need turnaround finance for your company, group or investee? Covid had an impact on your market?

£50k-£25m available for great turnaround capital funding projects.  Need to fund an acquisition out of proposed administration or hive out from a CVA? Seeking to cleanly dispose of orphan companies?

Cheswick Capital provides an independent voice to business owners, worried directors and venture capital investors when things are going wrong. Make sure you have your own plans and funding solutions ready, if the business is challenged by debt and distress.    If you don't have the bandwidth or resources, speak to Cheswick.

It is important, and a legal requirement, that all creditors interests are maximised, but it is possible to protect stakeholders interests too, by avoiding Administration or pre-pack. What is your turnaround plan, do you have a "bridge to the recovery zone"? Cheswick's seasoned turnaround experts can build that bridge.

Venture capital or private equity investor? Want to sell a problem business from your portfolio? Cheswick or its associated companies may acquire, drive rescue and arrange refinancing. We will obtain the best value possible for your stake.


Looking for turnaround funding, turnaround capital, turnaround loans and turnaround finance? Has Covid hurt your great business? We can help. Call 020 7416 6677

  • Do you need rescue and recovery  funding for your fast growth company with a cashflow problem? Cheswick can provide recovery capital from seasoned turnaround funders with decades of experience.

  • Does your company need advice on how to deal with aggressive banks or funders pushing for pre pack administration or AMA (accelerated merger and acquisition process)?

  • Does your company need  advice on how to restructure the business, costs and overheads with a company voluntary arrangement or a pre packaged sale?

  • Does your company need practical expertise on how to hive the business to a safe newco, groupco or third party? We can help.

  • Does your company need  turnaround management support and mentoring to manage growth or a turnaround? Can't see the wood....?

  • Does your company need  turnaround finance, turnaround support and working capital, due to declining sales?

  • Do YOU need guidance to decide if you want to continue running the business? We can help to sell your non performing business and walk away.

  • Do YOU want to retire but need someone to take the business forward?
  • Does your company need  restructuring experts to change non performing management team?

  • Does your company need business restructuring experts to help with YOUR OWN independent business review?

With over 25 years of turnaround and insolvency experience we have seen it all, know the problems you face and will give hands on help. Learn more here About Us

Call 020 7416 6677

We offer turnaround expertise, experienced managers, funding & growth services


Money? £50k-25m Capital Needed?

Been turned down by the banks? We can probably help your company. Bank wants to force a sale or wants out?

We lend and invest directly from our own funds. And we introduce or provide access to: term loans, working capital, business funding, credit card merchant loans, asset based finance, crowdfunding (equity or debt products), unique spot factoring and other innovative financial solutions from a group of high net worth investors working closely with Cheswick.

Looking for £1m debt or equity for your growth business or need a cashflow fix? £250m AVAILABLE NOW FOR turnaround projects (in UK only) from investors or asset backed lenders willing to lend to or acquire distressed businesses quickly. Company in a CVA? Pre pack plan? Talk to Cheswick Capital now.

Does your company have a problem with factoring/CID? We'll help you find a funder in as little as 5 working days. Bank or invoice finance providers making threats? PAY THEM OUT with new supportive lenders. Cheswick's sister business - Company Funding Options  can lead the refinance project for you. Call 020 7416 6677 now for fast advice. Company in CVA? We know all the funders who can fund your company now.

Buy out or administration, buy out funding from private equity funders, venture capital funders, private high net worth investors through to international turnaround funders. If you have a viable business we will almost certainly get the turnaround capital your company needs. And if you need to make changes to your business - our 7 turnaround experts across the UK can guide you. 




We can help management learn, grow & deliver. Do you know where your company is going?  Do you have a business plan? Do you have a marketing plan?  We can be your company sat-nav. Get an INDEPENDENT VIEW FROM SEASONED EXPERTS.

Cheswick can provide or introduce financial management (from financial controllers to FDs), marketing management, ITC management, turnaround management with hands on practical advice from turnaround experts.

Our team includes people who have turned around household names to small enterprises. FDs, CEOs COOs. Hard hitting and no nonsense turnaround experts available to your growth company. FDs with 20 years experience in industry.

Growing your company fast and need management support but don't want to employ someone? Call now, we can help with all forms of management problems, short or medium term.

Need a plan built? We have our own expert forecasting team who can deliver daily or weekly projects. Call if you need strong, technically able and hard working support. Need to turn the ship around? Utilise our team of expert turnaround mid level managers. (UK only)

Need marketing expertise? Our own marketing manager and advisors have huge expertise in internet marketing, we can advise SMEs on growing their web strategy and possibly even find money to support it. Call, there is no upfront cost to pay for us to look at your requirements.

Need a Salesforce project designed and implemented? One of our investments has platinum standard consultants.

Mentoring by Grey Hairs!

"Grey hair" non executive directors (NEDs) to guide your business, they have been there and done it. Is your company growth (or lack of growth) keeping you awake? Not sure how to grow, twist or stick? Our non execs will help professionalise your company.

Need a "bridge" to your rescue zone? Need assistance with bank/ lenders? Are your investors worried about the board? Does your company need strong board credibility? We have non executives with the skills you need. By employing very smart, experienced directors you will send a message about YOUR leadership and management qualities to your stakeholders.  Even if yours is a very young business, our experts will add kudos and all importantly value.

Cheswick can introduce turnaround specialists who have grown and restructured well known organisations down to  start ups and SMEs, add these to your board for long term strategic planning and credibility.

Some of these can also introduce their own or institutional funding, or investment as part of the deal. How powerful could that be for your company?

CCL can advise you how to build a business plan that adds credibility, for your current and future stakeholders. Boost your board and business with a Cheswick mentor.

Are your current funders demanding an IBR (also known as an independent business review)? Cheswick and our colleagues at KSA Group can build a detailed and sophisticated report for your board and use this to lead discussions with the bank.



Mergers & Acquisitions

Have you been running the company for too long and just had enough? Want to exit soon, or need to retire but have no successors and no buyers willing to buy the company? We can help. Has C19 hammered your balance sheet and resulted in CBILs debts, HMRC liabilities (remember they're now preferential creditors), backlog of rents and supply side problems?

Want to pass the business on to new owners and directors to look after your staff and customers? Cheswick has business buyers contacting us daily looking to buy companies like yours. Call us now. 020 7416 6677

We, and or our investors, can acquire struggling companies FAST. If the business is insolvent and you need to retire or stand back, we can acquire the equity and/or assets quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Businesses from £350,000 sales to £100m sales bought in the past.

In the post Covid world, we have well capitalised buyers waiting for SaaS business, Salesforce consultancies, personnel & payroll services companies, marketing, distribution, recruitment, manufacturing and many other companies. Distressed or insolvent balance sheets do not worry us, we can move to acquire companies in as little as 1 week.  Call now for a chat - companies purchased solvent, or insolvent. Trade buyers waiting.

If you are planning to BUY distressed companies or assets,  contact us today, our experts can provide initial telephone guidance.