Welcome to Cheswick Capital. Pragmatic, proactive turnaround advisory and turnaround capital providers. Don't wait for the Covid crash - ACT NOW.

We've been solving problems for companies needing turnaround capital & turnaround management expertise for 25 years. We can fund company turnarounds. FREE INITIAL ADVICE. 

Cheswick experts specialise in turnaround finance, turnaround capital and distressed company solutions. Get help funding CVAs & Pre Packs. Hands On Turnaround Management  Team...

  • UK experts in restructuring using the "CVA hive" technique. Hive the business to a groupco or newco, using company voluntary arrangements or pre packs.
  • We'll provide working capital to struggling companies by sourcing turnaround investors and turnaround capital funders from our own or 3rd party funds.
  • Access to 20 asset backed funders to restructured companies. Funding for pre pack administration, if your funder won't support, talk to us  - we will get them paid out.
  • Funding company voluntary arrangements, need money to fund a CVA plan? Want a second opinion on the CVA scheme, Keith Steven has led more than 500 CVAs.
  • Need money now for your distressed trading company? Call us, the quicker we start the sooner you will recover.
  • Want to retire but need someone to take the business forward? Sell to us.
  • Orphan investment? Dispose of the worry sensibly.
  • Cheswick experts are currently
    • Restructuring high growth companies with a shortage of working capital.
    • Financing (through our own funds or through our associated turnaround funds and contacts) turnaround situations of up to £25m per case.
    • Effecting exit from "orphan companies" for venture capital/private equity investors. Cheswick will manage the situation away.
    • Restructuring non performing management teams, with our pool of 12 expert turnaround managers and change experts. (EXPERT TEAM FOR COVID)
    • Acquiring unwanted companies - call us now we act fast. Share purchase agreements agreed in 7 days. Hive the business or sell it to third party - Business Asset Sale  - in days.
    • Providing an exit for worried directors, family investors or parent companies with other businesses to run.
    • Solving financial problems for directors, with hands-on advice from turnaround experts to CVA expertise. Entering or exiting company voluntary arrangements, pre pack administrations & business asset sales? You need our experienced experts to guide you.
    • Our subsidiary company called Company Funding Options is FCA authorised and regulated.


Worried and cannot sleep? Great business but struggling company? 

Has Covid hammered your viable business? Fight back with our help, turnaround your business in 2022!

Call us now for a confidential chat with turnaround experts.  Remember we will not charge for initial help, advice and direct talking. Let's get your business problems solved starting today.

Call now 020 7416 6677 and ask for Keith Steven our founder, CVA expert and MD.

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Access to over £250m capital from turnaround funders....

From taking a minority or majority equity stake in your company, (through to 100% ownership if you need to exit), coupled with turnaround loans and becoming a long term partner in your business, through to raising third party turnaround capital. Cheswick Group has the tools you need for a successful turnaround or refinance.


If the business can demonstrate viability but is under real pressure then call us now. Cheswick Capital may consider:
  • Buying the company outright. We can make decisions same day.
  • Introducing new buyers in your field.
  • Introducing buyers of distressed companies, up to £1bn sales, funders waiting
  • Introducing High Net Worth Individuals and Family Office investors
  • Arranging a fast sale of the assets to a third party buyer
  • Restructuring the business through the introduction of seasoned turnaround professionals.
  • Introducing the business to our dedicated CVA Turnaround Fund.
  • Providing signposting or advice.
  • Solving your financial problems.
  • Helping companies acquire other assets and companies.
  • GROWTH business support and funding even when sub-prime or distressed
To progress our interest we will require the following information:

All information remains private and NDA's (confidentiality agreements) can be provided if required.

  • What does the business do and what is the turnover?
  • Where is it based?
  • What is the legal status - limited company or limited partnership?
  • Copies of the most recent audited and management accounts.
  • A description of bank facilities, bonds, asset lending and attached securities.
  • Is the business viable and why? I.e. a brief description of its marketplace, cause of the current problems?
  • Synopsis of the management's strengths and weaknesses.
  • WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? Talk to us about your objectives

A couple of final points:

  • Our experts have saved 500+ companies since 1995.
  • We have access to £250m of turnaround funds.
  • It costs nothing to talk confidentially.
  • The problems won't go away on their own.
  • The sooner you speak to us, the sooner we will provide solutions.
    Speak to Cheswick today.

If you have an enquiry please contact us now:

T: 020 7416 6677

E: keithsteven@cheswickcapital.co.uk