Cheswick Capital provides money & cashflow support for the following:

  • We have £5m available for turnaround projects where £1m+ required
  • Fast growth companies whose working capital is stretched or where their banks says NO!
  • Companies that cannot get bank funding because their balance sheet is weak.
  • Companies that need to be turned around, we can arrange funds in a few days.
  • Help to "take out" non supportive bank or factoring debts before any pre pack or CVA.
  • Invoice finance  - single invoice £1,000 to £5m broad facilities.
  • We can raise finance for insolvent or distressed companies
  • Construction finance from £20k, pub finance from £15k.

From our own funds, alternative finance providers & access to private investors, buyout & turnaround funds we will provide.

  • Term loans from 5% to 18% over base rate, 6 months to 24 month repayment terms. 
  • Single purpose loans for a short period of time, interest free, fees apply.
  • Spot or single debtor factoring, from as little as £2,000 up to £200,000.
  • Contract support finance.
  • Fixed asset acquisition finance.
  • Redeemable preference shares.
  • Acquisition loans and equity.
  • Credit card merchant loans, borrow 8% of your annual card receipts.
  • Access to specialist invoice discounting and factoring facilities for insolvent companies.
  • Crowdfunding loans and equity.
  • We will take out non supportive factors, invoice discounters, or banks where appropriate.

If the bank says no, we can probably say YES.

To progress our interest we will require the following information:

All information remains private and NDA's (confidentiality agreements) can be provided if required.

  • What does the business do and what is the turnover?
  • Where is it based?
  • What is the legal status - limited company or limited partnership? (we can't help sole traders)
  • Copies of the most recent annual and management accounts.
  • A description of bank facilities, bonds, asset lending and attached securities.
  • Is the business viable and why? I.e. a brief description of its marketplace, cause of the current problems?
  • Synopsis of the management's strengths and weaknesses

Please note, simple  terms and conditions apply;

Cheswick Capital is not a bank, it is not regulated by the FCA. We are business people and turnaround experts committed to helping SME companies.

Please note, security will be required for some finance products, personal guarantees may also be required from lenders, where there is inadequate corporate security available. You should take independent legal advice before agreeing to any formal securities.

Cheswick loans; a minority equity stake is normally required in support of Cheswick Capital term loans. Loan repayments can be flexible. Further loans are available, after one third of the original loan is repaid.

We do not have a credit committee, all decisions can be made very quickly, providing adequate information supplied. Please call us now on 020 7416 6677.



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