Mergers and Acquisitions

Cheswick Capital provides mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advice for distressed / insolvent companies.

  • Quality business hammered by Covid 19? We can access capital, well funded buyers  or investors.
  • Struggling companies whose business seems to be falling down, no matter what the directors do.
  • Insolvent companies where the directors want out.
  • CVA Companies (company voluntary arrangements), where the CVA is harming business prospects.
  • Companies where there is a future, but it needs capital and management (Cheswick can often buy these on its own account).
  • Turnarounds where non performing people need to be removed and expertise brought in quickly. We have 12 turnaround experts available.


If the cashflow just isn’t working and the debt is a ball and chain, it may now be the time to consider abandoning the company and looking at removing the debt from the business. If your company is in a CVA we can help you exit quickly.

A restart can often achieve this and a business and assets sale could be the method to quickly protect and move the business on. We can build the deal, produce and handle the legal papers and hold the directors' hand through this powerful, but difficult process.

As insolvency experts we can keep you the RIGHT side of the law and help you avoid future risk.

Once the assets are sold the “oldco” would normally be wound up, either by a liquidator whom we can introduce. Or, if a CVA is in place, then the CVA supervisor can wind the company up, assuming the CVA contributions have been made on time. There is often no requirement to inform the supervisor of any such restructure, as speed is of the essence.

The sale could be to a “newco” formed by you, or to a third party trade buyer for example. If a restart is needed, we charge a modest fee to "oldco" to set the deal up. This process can take one to three weeks, the fee is payable before the process commences. Separate valuations will be required. We have negotiated volume discounts with a national firm of RICS surveyors and valuation experts.

As our sister company KSA Group is licensed, we are experts in advising on pre pack administrations and business assets sales. We can ensure the deal is correctly structured.

Cheswick has a database of business buyers and we can match the deal with a range of buyers if requested.


To progress our interest we will require the following information:

  • What does the business do and what is the turnover?
  • Where is it based?
  • What is the legal status - limited company or limited partnership?
  • Copies of the most recent audited and management accounts.
  • A description of bank facilities, bonds, asset lending and attached securities.
  • Is the business viable and why? I.e. a brief description of its marketplace, cause of the current problems?
  • Synopsis of the management's strengths and weaknesses.

All information remains private and NDA's (confidentiality agreements) can be provided if required. We can only assist UK registered companies, or those offshore companies whose main business is in the UK.

Huge pressure? Too much debt? Cashflow a problem? Cannot see how to continue with your company? Interested buyers out there?


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Mergers & Acquisitions

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