Cheswick Capital can provide mentoring support to:

  • Fast growth companies whose directors are struggling to cope!
  • Entrepreneurs with vision, drive and huge energy who cannot see how to build a functioning team that DELIVERS.
  • Companies that need a senior non executive to drive a formal board structure.
  • Fast growth companies where there are management or skill shortages.
  • Turnarounds where non performing people need to be removed and expertise brought in quickly.

We have been there and we know that it is a lonely place running a growing or struggling company.

Could your company benefit from the services of an experienced business man?

Would it be useful do you think for the directors to obtain the services of a “non executive” to attend board meetings, devise and assist with strategic planning, assess and build a business and or marketing plan, help you as directors set out the 12-36 month business growth or turnaround plans for the business?

Perhaps you can use this as a one-off project to restructure or sell the business, set up new plans, or as an ongoing relationship for a period to get the business moving well. We have extensive experience of arranging successful exits too.

This investment in your business’s future is hugely cost effective and gives you access to management expertise that is not normally available to SME companies. And your non executive chairman or director will be available 6 days per week to help in those lonely times when everyone else has gone home and the “driver of the engine” is still working on business problems and challenges!

We know we have been there, how is it that other “directors” that you may have promoted or recruited, don’t seem to have your drive or guts? How come it is always you to go home last and then come into work first?

Does your company face fast growth, falling growth, future insolvency?

Ask your board and yourself some of these questions; you may be surprised at the answers:

  1. Are the executive directors prepared to enter into a period of change or turnaround that may be unpleasant and costly (in financial and emotional terms)?
  2. Can the company survive and have any real value in the future? 
  3. Is there likely to be sufficient determination in the management to survive the stress of the current situation?
  4. Is the management team strong enough to handle the growth plans in future?
  5. Can the company’s future growth be serviced from the current capital base? Where will you locate capital from to support your plans? Oh and
  6. What is the business plan for the business? Is this a document that all senior management are aware of and contributing to? Are the executive directors (who are often tired and under pressure) capable of delivering the business plan?
  7. If the company is struggling for cashflow, can the board control creditors and prevent precipitative action by creditors such as the Crown for VAT and PAYE arrears?
  8. Is the financial reporting of adequate standard to run the business properly?
  9. What changes are needed?
  10. If insolvent do the directors have the necessary turnaround experience to drive the rescue and restructure of the business?
  11. What does the bank or investors think about the team? About you?

What do we cost?

Anything from a free initial meeting and strategy discussion to £2,500 per month and all points in between. That’s not a lot of money to drive your plans forward and act as a mentor to the entrepreneur in you, is it?

After a free initial consultation, Cheswick would require a minimum of a 2 month contract for one of our vastly experienced corporate directors and then one month rolling notice can be given by either party, if you are not satisfied or do not wish to continue. Interested? To progress our interest we will require the following information:

  • What does the business do and what is the turnover?
  • What are the business growth or decline issue you are facing?
  • Where is it based?
  • What is the legal status - limited company or limited liability partnership? (We cannot work with unincorporated businesses).
  • Copies of the most recent audited / annual accounts and most recent management accounts.
  • Cashflow and profit projections if available.
  • A description of current bank facilities, bonds, asset lending and supporting securities. 
  • Synopsis of the management’s strengths and weaknesses or gaps

All information remains private and NDA's (confidentiality agreements) can be provided if required. We will typically issue written recommendations letters free of charge after the initial meeting

Please note terms and conditions apply;

Security will be required for some products, personal guarantees may also be required where there is inadequate corporate security available. You should take independent legal advice before agreeing to any securities. An equity stake is required in support of Cheswick Capital term loans.




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