Cheswick Capital can provide management support to:

  • Fast growth companies whose directors are struggling to cope!
  • Great ideas people but poor at administration and reporting
  • Entrepreneurs who need to DRIVE their business but don't have time or skills to do:
    • Management accounts!
    • ITC solutions
    • Marketing plans
    • Business plans
  • Fast growth companies where there are management or skill shortages.
  • Turnarounds where non performing people need to be removed and expertise brought in quickly.

We have been there and we know that if you leave the accounts and the business planning to look after itself; IT WON'T!

Cheswick management experts will deliver solutions for you; we will identify areas of weakness within your current finance function or become your financial function.

We can provide everything from daily bookkeeping to a carefully selected part time finance director, thus your business can benefit from the experience of one of the country’s leading FDs at a fraction of what it would cost to take on a full-time FD.

We can free you up to drive sales, new product development, opening new markets, building strategies and develop the business.

  • Monthly management accounts.
  • Incomplete record accounting - the classic entrepreneur will keep invoices in their desk drawer and then get someone to produce payments and accounts as if by magic!
  • Financial forecasts to support your business plan.
  • Marketing strategies and marketing plans
  • How to build an IT platform to support your business growth. Hand the problem to our experts and get on with the jobs you need to do.
  • Liaise with investors and banks to ensure a quality approach, banks don't like uncertainty, but banks DO like “MI” – management information


To progress our interest we will require the following information:

All information remains private and NDA's (confidentiality agreements) can be provided if required.

  • What does the business do and what is the turnover?
  • Where is it based?
  • What is the legal status - limited company or limited partnership? (We can not work with unincorporated businesses).
  • Copies of the most recent audited and management accounts.
  • Cashflow and profit projections if available, if not we can do this for you.
  • A description of bank facilities, bonds, asset lending and attached securities.
  • Synopsis of the management's strengths and weaknesses.

Please note terms and conditions apply;

Security will be required for some products, personal guarantees may also be required where there is inadequate corporate security available. You should take independent legal advice before agreeing to any securities. An equity stake is required in support of Cheswick Capital term loans.




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