Do you have a gap in your management team?

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Many growth companies are driven by the guy or gal who started the company.

When the business started they loved the freedom and autonomy. Then in growth phase 1 they run the company, make the sales, do the accounts, issue the invoices, do the marketing, make the products or services. And make the coffee for their visitors or clients.

As the company grows they take on the first employee, problems halved? More business and hopefully profits, mean that new employees are taken on. All great for the company and the UK plc economy. But the entrepreneur STILL tries to do every job! His or her tenacity is marvellous but he is not brilliant at every job, in fact the opposite occurs, quality decreases as activity grows.

I have seen great businesses fail because of this. When though do you call a halt and as a friend of mine used to say “have a word with yourself!”

Now, in 2015 we have the best backdrop for new starts or growing businesses you could hope for.

Technology is cheap; you can outsource literally ANY business process to quality providers who just specialise in their service or product; you can buy hours or days of experts time, you can have a virtual office with virtual telephone numbers.

With experts in every field and most of the country covered, Advantage and Cheswick Capital can provide the management team you need, in bite sized and cost effective chunks

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